What are the Advantages of Rosin Free Hard Wax?

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Waxing is a quick, affordable, and safe method of removing unwanted hairs from one’s body. It ensures softness. Moreover, it lasts longer than shaving. In case of shaving, we will need to shave every 3-4 days as the hair starts to grow again. However, waxing ensures that you will be hair-free for at least the next 4 to 6 weeks.

Today, there are multiple types of wax available in the market. Choosing the best wax for your skin and body has become confusing. Particularly, if you are going to get your body waxed for the first time it would be very hectic for you to choose which one is best for you. So let’s first discuss what different types of wax are available. And what should you choose according to your skin requirements to leave your body soft and smooth?

Types of Wax for hair removal

  • Soft Wax

Strip wax is normally called soft wax. Soft wax is normally used by spreading a thin warm layer of wax over the skin using a wooden stick or spatula. Then a piece of cloth is used to put over the wax and pulled off. Soft wax is normally used over the larger areas of the body such as legs, arms, and belly. Soft wax normally helps in removing small hair strands. It helps in getting smooth and soft skin. However, it is not recommended to use soft wax multiple times in a short period as it starts damaging skin cells.

  • Fruit Wax

Fruit wax is produced using genuine organic product extricates so it is wealthy in cell reinforcements. It is ideal for delicate skin. It contains nutrients that support the skin and is gentler contrasted with other hard or delicate waxes. It leaves the skin feeling delicate and saturated. It is known to make no imprints and leaves the skin feeling smooth for a more extended timeframe. This makes it more costly than the customary waxes, yet in addition worth the effort.

This recipe is great for face waxing. It can without much of a stretch be applied to more modest regions like the eyebrows or upper lip. These regions are very delicate, and since this wax has genuine organic product removed, it won’t leave the region feeling aggravated.

  • Sugar Wax

Sugar waxing, otherwise called sugaring, is a kind of epilation. This is a technique for hair expulsion that takes out the hair root. The training starts in the Middle East and includes just regular fixings.

Sugar wax contains sugar, lemon squeeze, and water. An individual warms these fixings, blends them, and applies them to the skin likewise to restorative hair wax. Then an individual spots portions of cotton over the top and pulls back solidly to eliminate the hair.

For individuals who are delicate to restorative hair wax, sugar wax can be a decent other option. However not at all like manufactured waxes, sugar wax is completely biodegradable. An individual can likewise utilize sugar wax on any piece of the body, while corrective wax is just reasonable for certain areas.

  • Hard Wax

Typically hard wax is used for more sensitive areas such as the bikini area and Brazilian. Hard wax is normally in form of beans that needs to be melted.

This sort of depilatory wax is exceptionally intended to be utilized without muslin strips. It sticks to hair, not to the skin, which makes it exceptionally successful at getting extremely short hairs and limits the draw on the skin and accordingly, the general uneasiness all through the waxing system. Like delicate wax, hard wax additionally eliminates hairs from the root.

The primary fixing in most hard waxes is rosin — a characteristic gum that comes from pine trees and different plants. Certain individuals are adversely affected by this substance, so a few waxes are formed with synthetic rosin. Premium hard waxes are likewise enhanced with normal fixings that calm and saturate the skin, for example, chocolate, aloe vera, azulene, and natural product removal. Top-notch additionally implies that your hard wax will have an ideal surface: smooth and delicate, simple to apply, and simple to pull off without it breaking.

Hard wax is generally delicately fragranced, and they come in bright and appealing pellets or dabs, circles, blocks, or pearls. They are placed in a wax pot and warmed to a delicate place where they seem to be molasses: thick and flexible. Hard wax doesn’t take long to accomplish this consistency since it warms up at a low softening point, and that implies that when applied to the skin it has an agreeable tepid temperature that takes some sting off the waxing system.

Rosin Free Hard Wax

  • What is Rosin wax?

This example of blonde wax is a combination of rosin (a fragile, dusty, and strong golden-hued sap got from pine trees) and beeswax. The rosin, otherwise called colophony or Greek pitch, gives this wax its crudeness. It is made by warming new fluid tree sap (oleo-pitch) to eliminate the unpredictable fluid terpene compounds. On the off chance that you scratch off a limited quantity of this substance and warm it up between your fingers, it smells like a combination of pine and turpentine.

Rosin commonly fluctuates in variety from extremely pale and straightforward to dim brown or yellow contingent upon the period of the tree the sap is extricated from and the temperature to which it is warmed.

Rosin Free Hard Wax
  • How Rosin Wax is not good for some people?

Rosin affects adversely to some people. Some people are allergic to rosin which results in severe skin irritation and allergy. Responses to contact with rosin in a hypersensitive individual incorporate intense unfavorably susceptible contact dermatitis and trouble breathing. In hypersensitive contact dermatitis, dermatitis will in general happen 1-3 days after contact with rosin. However, responses can show up in no less than 24 hours or considerably over seven days after openness. This is why Rosin Free Wax is getting popular now a day.

  • What is Rosin Free Wax

Is it true or not that you are an aesthetician or spa proprietor? Provided that this is true, then you unquestionably believe that your clients should be fulfilled when they go to your spa or beauty parlor for a waxing meeting. You are undoubtedly familiar with the way that, to give your clients an open waxing experience and safeguard their skin, choosing great waxes is fundamental since that is the way you will ensure fruitful hair expulsion. This will leave clients fulfilled and will make them need to return each time they need a wax. Besides picking the proper waxes, choosing great pre-depilatory and post-depilatory products are additionally significant.

Rosin Free Hard Wax Beans with a great depilatory reach, and in light of the most well-known proficient wax recipe, the Anti-Allergy Wax has a low-heat, normal equation, and is exceptionally adaptable, making it the ideal answer for your hair removing needs.

Rosin-free wax is incredible for sensitive parts of the body such as the underarms, bikini area, and Brazilians. Not only it’s great for sensitive skin but all other skin types.

Advantages of Rosin Free Hard Wax

Rosin free Hard Wax comes with numerous benefits for all types of skins

  • Rosin Free Hard Wax bean is a delicate, smooth recipe that is ideal for all of your hair evacuation prerequisites. One treatment with this low-heat, salon-style wax on touchy and sensitive regions, and your skin will be floated with a newly discovered delicateness and perfection.
  • It has a creamy texture which leaves your skin smooth and soft. Its creamy texture makes it super gentle on your skin.
  • The texture of Rosin free hard wax is thin, which makes its application to the skin easy.
  • The soft and creamy texture of this made it perfect for the sensitive parts of your body such as the bikini area. Moreover, it’s just perfect for all of your body parts.
  • Rosin free hard wax is perfect for waxing your facial hairs. For facial hairs, an aesthetician normally recommends hard wax. However, if hard wax contains rosin it might result in redness on your face and irritation afterward. Therefore, using high-quality wax which has titanium dioxide is important for your facial skin. Titanium dioxide ensures that your skin will have smoothness after the waxing procedure. It minimizes the chances of allergy and redness
  • Rosin free hard wax is normally scent-free and all the ingredients are natural in it. Therefore it’s safe for all types of skins.
  • As it is a low heat formula, it makes the waxing procedure the most comfortable. The hard wax’s dissolving point is +45℃. It doesn’t burn and doesn’t harm fragile skin, and it doesn’t leave redness even on slim and delicate skin.

About BeauTome

BeauTome Biotechnology is the forerunner in hair removal wax production in China. Laid out in 2017 in the city of Shenzhen, BeauTome is devoted to making normal and safe hair evacuation waxes that emphasize quality and proficiency as opposed to modest large-scale manufacturing. The organization’s items incorporate a wide range of waxes, wax heaters, and pre and post-waxing consideration items. Smooth skin and smooth business collaboration – that is the guarantee of BeauTome Biotechnology. They are producing Rosin-free hard wax which is guaranteed all these above-mentioned benefits.

Looking for the best waxing supplies for your business? BeauTome helps you stock your business with high-quality wax formulas and the most sophisticated wax heaters. We’ve served many retail brands, salons and spas all over the world with the best products to satisfy clients at every turn. We also provide a reliable shipping service and the constant assistance of our reliable hair removal specialists, so feel free to contact us if you have questions. You can send mail to: bd@beautome.com or fill out our website’s contact form to learn more about our products and deals. And be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest news and tips straight to your inbox.

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