All You Need To Know About Wax Heaters

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“You are beautiful, and you matter.” – Laura Regan.

There is no doubt that your inner beauty matters more than your outer beauty. Yet, if you want to look pretty and feel pretty – you must!

Women are gorgeous creatures and love to be at the top of their game. It is best to visit a salon for services like threading, waxing, manicures, pedicures, facials, etc. But what if you do not have a salon around? Nothing to worry about. You can wax yourself at home.

Wax heaters have come around as a blessing for everyone willing to wax at home. You can easily use wax heaters like the BeauTome Innovative Digital Wax Heater to conveniently wax at home. It helps you remove unwanted hair efficiently without excruciating pain or heat patches. You can melt any wax beans in the wax heater at the temperature of your choice and use per need.

How to Choose a Wax Heater?

You can find a wide variety of different kinds of wax heaters. While they all perform the same function essentially, the quality differs vastly. Some are made of cheap plastic as opposed to the BeauTome Innovative Digital Wax Heater made with PPC plastic. Often the wax heaters do not have an adjustable thermostat and may burn your skin. A good-quality wax heater melts the wax without it sticking to the pot and allows you to choose the temperature of your choice. Ensure the machine has an adjustable temperature mechanism, heats quickly, and comprises safe plastic. Here are all the features of a good-quality wax heater.

Best Wax Heater Features

PW1A – Digital Wax Heater

Quick Melting Technique

One of the best features of the BeauTome Innovative Digital Wax Heater is its high temperature and quick melting technique. The thermostat heats up to 165°C / 329°F for uniform melting in no time. It takes 11 minutes for 200g of wax to melt in the heater. You can either pour the wax beans into the silicon tub or place the tin directly into the pot. This technique helps you save time and money by heating up quickly. It also reduces the carbon footprint.

Digital Temperature Control

If you do not want the wax heater to work at the maximum temperature, you can adjust it per need. Use the digital display panel to turn on the machine and control the temperature. The + and – minus allows you to increase or decrease the temperature by 10 Celsius. The display also saves the temperature for the next time.

Made with PPC Plastic

The heater is made with high-grade PPC plastic, which is safer than traditional plastic. It does not burn the wax even at high temperatures. The BeauTome Innovative Digital Wax Heater is more durable and long-lasting, providing you with an exquisite experience. It can also take a high physical impact besides temperature. Moreover, the see-through plastic cover lets you check wax without opening it repeatedly.

Right Pot Size

The wax heater comes with the perfect pot size to fix your hard wax and soft wax tin into it. It has a 102mm diameter and 65mm depth appropriate for a 200g wax tin. It contains a silicon tube inside the pot for easy, non-sticky melting of the wax. When you are done, remove the excess wax easily from the pot and clean with a cloth if required.

Note: Make sure the tin is made of heat-resistant material.

PW2B – Space Saver Wax Heater

Metal Bar

Don’t we all get so annoyed when the excess wax on the stick spills everywhere? Don’t worry anymore. The silicon tub contains a thin metal rod across it. It enables you to keep it tidy. You can easily clean the stick on it and avoid extra wax and burns.

Lockable Lid

If you have not had a wax heater with a lockable lid, now you can have one. This wax heater has a lockable lid with a sturdy lock system for you to carry it anywhere without the fear of spillage. Carry it in your hand or put it in a bag for easy portability. It is completely safe and saves your wax from wastage.

Non-slip Pads

Besides the lockable lid, the heater comes with 4-non-slip pads on the bottom to make sure it does not slip when used. It can save you from accidents by spillage and keep your wax heater in one place when using it.

Detachable Cable

The BeauTome Innovative Digital Wax Heater has a detachable cable. You can connect it anytime you wish to use it. The detachability enables you to take out the cable to avoid damaging it. It also prevents children from using the machine accidentally and harming themselves.

Support Full OEM/ODM Services

FAQs about Wax Heaters

How much wax can the heater hold?

The BeauTome Innovative Digital Wax Heater has a large 102mm diameter and 65mm depth. It is portable and easy to carry. Yet, you can find large containers that can hold up to 400 grams of wax. However, it is better to buy a wax heater per need. A large container for 100 grams of wax would only consume more power and take up space.

How much does a wax heater cost?

Wax heaters cost between $8 to $15 for distribution. The professional ones are comparatively expensive. While cheap prices are usually attractive, it is important to remember that they affect quality. A better quality wax heater will be a little expensive. Yet, it lasts a long time.

Is it necessary to buy a portable wax heater?

The characteristics of your wax heater entirely depend on your need. If you have to go to the client’s place, keeping more than one tin and a portable wax melter is better. On the other hand, if you have salon service, portability is not as critical as the quality.

How do I know if my wax heater is good quality?

A company that makes quality products usually has different certifications like the United States CE/RoHS qualification certification, Good Operating Standards (GMP) certification, the International Management standard ISO 22716:2007(E) cosmetics, etc.

Looking for the best waxing supplies for your business? BeauTome helps you stock your business with high-quality wax formulas and the most sophisticated wax heaters. We’ve served many retail brands, salons and spas all over the world with the best products to satisfy clients at every turn. We also provide a reliable shipping service and the constant assistance of our reliable hair removal specialists, so feel free to contact us if you have questions. You can send mail to: or fill out our website’s contact form to learn more about our products and deals. And be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest news and tips straight to your inbox.

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