How to find the best Hard Wax Beans Supplier

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People often think that professional wax manufacturing is easy and does not require many protocols. However, manufacturing hard wax beans and soft wax requires thorough vigilance and proper quality check. A trusted Hard Wax Beans Supplier complies with all good manufacturing practices to ensure appropriate production.

Welcome To Our Waxing World|BeauTome Biotechnology

BeauTome is one of the best hard wax beans supplier that follow all crucial protocols to prepare high-quality wax for consumers. We use premium quality material suited to different parts of the body. Our products rely on thorough research and testing before production. All our products are prepared in an eco-friendly manner, so they are not only gentle on your skin but also prevent damage to the environment.

Let us tell you how all wax products, including the hard wax beans, are the best at the BeauTome manufacturing facility.

High-quality Raw Material

BeauTome takes the quality of its products very seriously and ensures hypoallergenic production. We believe each raw material must be top-quality to give a long-lasting, smooth waxing experience.

Our raw material is 100% safe and does not irritate. We source our material from Japan, certified safe and considered high quality.

Some wax manufacturers use resin to create a smooth effect on the skin. However, petroleum resin can clog your pores and do more damage than good. BeauTome focuses on producing rosin-free hard wax naturally, which prevents allergic reactions. Thus, it is ideal for removing hair from delicate areas and leaves your skin soft and smooth for a long time.

Raw Material of Hard Wax Beans

Formula Development Capacity

Wax consumers not only look for efficient wax but also choose according to the look and feel of the wax. A high-quality wax must give them enough options to select from.

BeauTome understands the need to have ODM ability on hard wax to produce as many choices for the buyers as possible. Customers in different countries have different color and scent preferences according to climate. A consumer in a warm locality may prefer fruity and floral tones, whereas habitats of colder areas like woody and aromatic vibes more.

BeauTome does not restrict itself to the choice of one kind of consumer only. We try to cater to as many people as possible. The understanding of reaching as many people has enabled BeauTome to provide a versatile range of hard wax beans.

Formula Development

Safe, Automatic Production

The production facility for cosmetic and skincare manufacturing must be clean and contamination-free. Hard wax beans supplier also requires a clean production area with automated machines and skilled labor for adequate production.

Our workers are skilled and experienced, yet we use automated processes for most of our manufacturing. Reducing human interaction helps eliminate human error, making the products more efficient and stable. It also ensures the better safety of the workers.

Utilizing an automatic production model facilitates accurate shipping and minimizes labor costs.

Automatic Production

Product Applicability

Did you know you cannot use one product on all body parts?

Initially, people used homemade sugar wax to remove hair all over their bodies. However, it is too sticky and sometimes burns the skin, leaving patches.

BeauTome prepares wax of different kinds for specific areas of the body. All regions of the body have different hair types and growth. There might be coarse and fine hair according to the region and your previous hair removal method. Thus, choosing a suitable wax for the correct results is important.

BeauTome focuses on producing the best hard wax beans for sensitive areas to avoid hypersensitivity. You can also find specific formulae for coarse and fine hair.

Rosin-free, Titanium Dioxide-free hard wax

Factory Certifications

The manufacturing facilities for cosmetics and skincare must be certified and allowed by the related authorities to manufacture products. Typically, you require GMP, ISO22716, and a Cosmetic production license. GMP and ISO are essential for all production plants depending on their products. Here’s about them briefly.

  • GMP

Good Manufacturing Practices, also called GMP, are the set of steps and processes that comply with the guidelines for safe manufacturing. They are different for every kind of manufacturing. The GMP for dietary supplements, pharmaceutical, beverages, food, medical devices, and cosmetics are critical. GMP certification ensures the plant is checked and authorized by the licensing authority.

  • ISO 22716

The International Standardization Organization (ISO) publishes guidelines to promote the safe production of cosmetics under the GMP. ISO 22716 is essential for manufacturing facilities and regulators to meet the quality requirements.

BeauTome is pleased to inform the consumers that we have all the above certifications and the Cosmetic Production License. Our production is up-to-the-mark, and we use high-quality with all vital safety measures.

Product Certifications

Besides factory certifications, BeauTome also realizes the importance of product certifications. We believe that cosmetic products come in contact with the skin directly, which makes it highly critical to opt for certified safe materials. FDA and MSDS are essential for all products to ensure safety.

  • FDA

FDA (United States Food and Drug Administration analyzes and certifies products under the Department of Health and Human Services. It ensures safety through controlled and supervised production of dietary supplements, pharmaceutical products, tobacco products, medical devices, etc. It also assures the quality and safety of cosmetics and skincare products to avoid hazards and skin reactions.

  • MSDS

MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) contains information related to materials that may cause a hazard in the plant. It is also known as the Safety Data Sheet or Product Safety Data Sheet. This document ensures safety in the facility for the products and workers.

BeauTome has MSDS and FDA certifications that allow us to manufacture high-quality, safe hard wax beans.

Product Comparison

We have worked hard to create a high-quality product with in-depth research. Thus, we compared our product with one of the top names Italwax and found both products quite similar. You get essentially the same melting temperature, hair-removal effect, skin irritation, and smear. You feel incredibly smooth and uniform skin with our wax beans without adding petroleum resin.

Applicationeasy to wax, no brokeneasy to wax, no broken
Hair Removal Efficient97%95%
Melting Point42°C45°C
Skin IrritationNo (Rosin-free)No (Rosin-free)
Wax RemainingNoNo

BeauTome is one of the most trusted, best hard wax beans supplier. We use rosin-free high-quality products that leave your skin soft and smooth. Our manufacturing facility is free from cross-contamination as we prefer automation to reduce the chances of error. BeauTome has MSDS, GMP, ISO22716, and FDA certification to produce the best wax for consumers. If you need more info about the hard wax beans, please contact us:


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