At BeauTome, we believe: “It’s not just about what we remove, it’s about what we leave behind… Smooth&Clean Skin!” Unlike traditional methods of waxing, BeauTome wax sticks to the hair rather than the skin, reducing the pain of waxing by 30%!
BeauTome wax enfolds the hair, removing it from the root while leaving the skin undamaged. When the integrity of the skin is uncompromised, there is reduced inflammation, redness, and downtime for the client; making painful waxing a thing of the past!

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ROSIN-FREE Hard Wax|Anti-inflammatory

Beauty Salon Hard Wax|High Efficiency

Consumer Grade Hard Wax|Convenient


hard wax

BeauTome hard waxes are designed to be used by both licensed professionals and casual users. Here are the safety measures to take in waxing:

1. Warm the wax.
Turn on your heater, set it up to the highest temperature(100-120℃), pour in the hard wax beans, after the beans have melted completely, turn the temperature to Medium(70-80℃), and leave the wax for another 5-10 minutes until the wax has reached a honey-like consistency.

2. Wash and dry the area.
Before waxing, gently wash the area you’re about to wax to remove dirt, dead skin cells, and skincare products. Clean, dry skin allows the wax to adhere properly.

3. Apply the wax.
Apply the wax to a small section of your skin with unwanted hair. For the best results, always spread the wax in the direction of hair growth, and don’t apply the wax too thick, or it will be hard to dry.

4. Waiting for the wax to dry
Wait for about 8~10s(Beauty Salon Wax) / 15-the 20s(Consumer Grade Wax) to wait until the wax has hardened completely. Touch the wax to feel whether it is dry, make sure the wax is totally dry before peel it off.

5. Peel the wax off
hold your skin taut with one hand and use your other hand to quickly peel off the wax in the opposite direction of hair growth.

6. Soothe your skin.
After waxing, soothe your skin by applying cold packs if you have pain, avoiding hot baths and showers, wearing loose clothing, and applying moisturizers that won’t clog your pores.


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Best Hard Wax for Sensitive & Intimate Skin

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Coming from our high quality depilatory range, and based on most popular professional wax formula, the BeauTome Anti-Allergy Wax has a low-heat, natural formula, and is highly flexible, making it the perfect solution for your hair removal needs. It will feel just like you have had an expert treatment at the salon, but with the ease and convenience of not having to leave your own home!

Safe Hard Wax for Brazilian & Bikini Waxing

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Brazilian & Bikini Hard Wax

This innovative formula is a hybrid formula with microcrystalline properties that behave like a creamy wax. As the best orange wax on the market, BeauTome innovative Hard Wax is incredibly easy to use and also best for all skin and also hair types, specifically on sensitive as well as mature skin with coarse hair – Brazilian and Bikini waxing.

Best Hard Wax for All-purpose Waxing

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Brazilian & Bikini Hard Wax

These hard beads melt into a strip-free wax that’s designed to tackle coarse, thick hair anywhere on the body. Even though it’s our strongest formula yet, it’s made from Brazilian palm wax that will stick to your hair, not your sensitive skin. Buyers have used it on bikini areas, legs, underarms, and backs, all with rave reviews.


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Waxing removes hair from the root underneath the skin, not just from the surface, so the hair follicle needs to go through another cycle of regrowth which takes up to 6 weeks, unlike shaving where hair can grow back in days.

Every time hair is pulled out with wax, a new papilla (the bulb on the bottom of the hair follicle) needs to form so hair takes longer to re-grow, additionally, consistently removing hair from the root causes papilla regeneration to weaken so hair will grow back softer and finer. Applying warm wax to the skin causes the pores to expand so hair is released painlessly with ease.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should switch to waxing:

  1. Be free of hair for weeks at a time. No 5 o’clock shadow as hair is removed from the roots and can take up to 3-6 weeks to grow back.
  2. No More Razor Bumps or Burns and unsightly bumps. With shaving, hair regrows thicker forcing you to shave every other day, this can be harsh on the skin and lead to breaking hair follicles causing burns and bumps while with waxing, the new hair is removed from the root and it takes a longer time to grow back.
  3. One wax session can save time from your morning routine by eliminating the need to shave or tweeze. Waxing once every 3-8 weeks gives you the opportunity to do the things you love.
  4. Waxing has a dual benefit: Removing unwanted hair and exfoliating skin by getting rid of dead skin cells and opening up the pores. This will give a silky smooth fee and will last for weeks.
  5. Smoother Skin since Hair grows back finer and softer with no stubble leaving a smoother, silkier feel.

If waxing is performed using poor technique hairs can break off and cause irritation or ingrown hairs. BeauTome offers full treatment products to prepare the skin prior to waxing and soothe the skin post-wax, alleviating any type of discomfort or irritation. Also, try BeauTome No Bump to resume ingrown hair and exfoliate the skin.

  • Women – face, arms and hands, chest and back, torso, bikini, legs and feet
  • Men – face (no beard), arms and hands, chest and back, torso, mankini, legs and feet
  • Never wax – inside ears, genital area, over nipples, moles or warts, over irritated, cut or broken skin and over recent scar tissue.

If you have:

  • Sunburned or irritated skin
  • Cuts or recent scar tissue
  • Moles
  • Protruding veins
  • Diabetes phlebitis or any other skin disorders

If the following medications are taken, waxing is NOT recommended because the side effects of these drugs can be extreme sensitivity and irritation:

  • Retin A
  • Accutane
  • Tetracycline
  • Glycolic Acids

Brazilian waxing refers to the removal of almost all pubic hair, front to back except for a thin strip of hair on the pubis. You can even ask them to wax it off too.

It takes between 4-6 weeks to grow back but it grows back much softer and not as coarse. Results may vary on the type of hair.

The Brazilian wax takes it ALL off. The Classic waxing removes the bikini line only.

Make sure you put tanning lotion around your entire waxed area so it doesn’t get as irritated from the UV rays, and always ensure that you moisturize the area thoroughly!

There are a few reasons for this problem:

  • The hair was not long enough. Hair needs to be at least a quarter of an inch for proper hair removal.
  • The wax pulled too slowly or in the wrong direction. Apply the wax in the direction of the hair growth; rub firmly in the same direction 3-4 times. Pull the surrounding skin taut and pull the strip against the skin in the opposite direction.
  • The skin was not properly prepped. It is essential to prepare the skin for waxing. First use a cleanser to remove any oil, make-up or perspiration from the skin’s surface.

Depending on your comfort level, if little hair is left behind, you may reapply hard wax up to 3 times in the same waxed area. You can also use hard wax over hard wax to remove any remaining hair.

Yes, note that a 1/4″ growth is ideal for most hard waxes to grab and remove the hair efficiently and comfortably.

Yes, baby oil will also work for this waxing procedure.

No hot baths for the remainder of the day as hot water can sip into the open hair follicles and cause irritation.

No exposure to sun or tanning for up to 48 hours as skin tends to be more sensitive.

Yes, this Brazilian body wax can be used for body and face, no muslins are required.

It takes about 30 minutes to melt it completely on high settings on your warmer. This also varies by warmer and how cold is your waxing room. When the wax melts it changes color and texture so easily you can tell that it’s melting. You can also test the temperature of the wax on your inner wrist before you start to ensure it is not too hot.

Yes, you can reheat the hard wax and use it for waxing. The wax will not lose its performance.

Yes, Hard wax can be used on both female and male bikini areas. They make Brazilian service often called mankini and it is becoming frequently available in spa menus.