Compact, portable and easy to use, this BeauTome 450cc digital wax heater PW1 includes an easy-to-clean pot, a See-through cover, and removable mains lead. The inbuilt microprocessor allows for fast, accurate and safe heating while the easy-to-use control panel and clear display give the user a superior level of control.

The pot size is suitable for all hard and soft waxes. The user can place a can of soft wax directly into the heater, or alternatively you can use a BeauTome silicone inner tub for hard wax (optional).

A compact wax heater that is perfect for both personal and salon use.

  • High Efficiency of PTC Heating
  • Suitable Size for both hard wax and soft wax.
  • Non-Stick Pot for easy-clean.
  • A Silicone tub(optional) for easy carrying.
  •  A see-through cover for monitoring.
  •  Removable Mains Lead.
  • CE/RoHS-approved Premium Quality Materials.

Designed for Convenient and Safe

check the detailed designs outside and inside.
hard wax

High Efficiency of Heating

Made to help you effortlessly heating the wax. The highest temperature is 165°C / 329°F. The heat source is designed on the bottom of the pot for quick wax heating, the heating time of 200g wax is 10 minutes.

Easy-to-clean Pot

The wax pot is made with nonstick coating, so the user can easily remove the wax remains inside the pot.

Suitable Pot Size for All Wax

The wax pot (Diameter 102mm, Depth 65mm) is perfectly matching the soft wax can, and its capacity is 450cc. A silicone tub is optional for easy carrying and operation after the hard wax is melted.

Digital Temperature Display

The digital display allows the user to know the temperature of the wax. This saves the user time having to test the temperature of the wax before use with a device that is required by health and safety.

Removable Mains Lead

The wax heater is with a removable mains lead, easy to stow and carry.

Premium Quality Materials

CE/RoHS-approved. Made with 100% new PP plastic, our wax heater is able to withstand not just high temperatures, but heavy physical impact as well. PP plastic is safe, durable, and built to last.

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