BeauTome Manufacturing Production Introduction

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Do you detest wax because of your previous waxing spillage experience?

Worry no more!

BeauTome has a wide range of high-quality wax products to make waxing easy for you. Not only is our wax soft on your skin, but the wax heaters are also made of premium-quality material. We have added rubber pads on the bottom along with a tight wire installation to avoid spillages. You will not observe any scratches on BeauTome wax heaters as we take extra care to keep them neat and clean. We make sure the product reaches you in good shape and functionality. It goes through testing processes before packaging.

Let’s take you through the wax heater production line at BeauTome. Come with us and see how we ensure delivering the best products to you.

Container Body Production

The first part of the process is preparing the body. Our wax heater body is typically white or black in color to give a timeless, classy look for times you want to carry it around. It is made of excellent plastic material, making the product safe and durable. Our wax heaters are eco-friendly and do not leave a high carbon footprint.

Cling Film For Protection

These body covers have plastic or cling film around them. It protects the wax heaters from damage by other pieces or workers during the process. Don’t worry; you will not have to take it off. We take off the cling cover before sending it to you.

The film around the wax heater body

Charging Cable Installation

While it is obvious that the charging cable is an essential part of all wax heaters, we have something extra for you.

You may have observed the wax heater pivot while trying to locate the charging cord. It happens when the wire is not stuck to the bottom properly. We install a buckle on the lower side of the cover to make sure that the cable is sturdy and does not loosen. The cable is thick to make sure it does not cause electrical issues. Also, the protection is top-notch to avoid shocks.

Panel Installation

Once the outer body of the wax heater is ready, the next step is to install the panel. The panel of the BWW1 heater consists of a non-stick pot covered with an insulating layer (to prevent leakage currents) and a heating circle on the outside. The panel also contains a chipset that helps control and manage temperature through the system.

Combining Body and Panel

Now the panel and the plastic body reach the combining working area where the panel is installed into the body. We use a soft base plate on the working benches to save the wax heaters from any kind of scratches during manufacturing.

Our workers carefully put the panel into the outer body and seal the wax heater. They add screws to the buckles to fix both components together. Knobs are added to the temperature adjustment panel to complete the look. The body has rubber pads on the bottom to support and prevent slipping.

A soft base plate on the working benches to save the wax heaters from any kind of scratches
High voltage test

Adding Product Details

Once the basic product is manufactured, each piece gets a name and detail plate. It is at the bottom of the wax heater with all details about the batch and the product. It helps the company recall other products in the batch if an issue arises.

Removing The Plastic Film

The last step of the process is to remove the plastic sheet we apply to keep the wax heater safe and clean. We provide a sturdy, gorgeous piece to you without anything extra to remove. Our workers take it off skillfully without any damage to the equipment.

Cleaning The Machine

Despite taking care of each piece throughout the process, we give them a final cleaning before dispatching them to the retailers and customers. Out skilled customers clean the machines, place lids, and get ready to pack every one of the wax heaters carefully.


The final part of the process is adding the machine and facilitating material in the box. The machine is added to a protective plastic bag that goes into the box along with an instruction manual. The workers fold the wire with utter vigilance to avoid breakage. The box is sealed carefully and shipped to its destination.

What Makes BeauTome Wax Heaters The Best?

Only we do not say that our wax heaters are the best, our customers vouch for the quality. Besides using high-quality material to avoid toxins from melting, we take care of additional factors for a safe waxing experience.

  • Our workers are professional and experienced in wax heater production. We trust their abilities to produce products without fault.
  • Our production line is thoroughly regulated with quality checks at each step. We do not compromise on the function, safety, and aesthetics of our products.
  • The wax heater’s body is covered with a protective film to avoid scratches and accidental marks during manufacturing.
  • Our workers wear gloves to avoid fingerprints or dirt on the wax heater’s body.
  • We set a soft base plate on the workbench to double-ensure safety.
  • We make sure to add safety signs where needed, so the workers understand the working conditions of each facility. Signs for “no burning” are installed in various parts of the factory alongside fire alarms and extinguishers.

Words From The Manufacturer

BeauTome is a one-of-its-kind wax heater with a sturdy grip to avoid spillage. The outer body is made of high-quality plastic with an attached panel having a non-stick tub and insulation layer. All our workers work for one thing only – customer satisfaction.

Try BeauTome and see the quality by yourself!

Looking for the best waxing supplies for your business? BeauTome helps you stock your business with high-quality wax formulas and the most sophisticated wax heaters. We’ve served many retail brands, salons and spas all over the world with the best products to satisfy clients at every turn. We also provide a reliable shipping service and the constant assistance of our reliable hair removal specialists, so feel free to contact us if you have questions. You can send mail to: or fill out our website’s contact form to learn more about our products and deals. And be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest news and tips straight to your inbox.

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