What is Hair Removal Wax Made Out of?

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What makes wax products so reliable? Anyone who’s been to a wax session can attest to the functional benefits of these formulas. Waxes can remove body hair quickly as well as efficiently while spreading out a collection of additional properties that help maintain the smoothness of the skin. Being very required hair removal products, professional waxes require to be infused with the right combination of ingredients to guarantee every one of these results. Wax formulas can change from one product to the next relying on the areas they’re suggested to deal with, but there are still several ingredients that should always be a part of them.

What Goes into a Wax Formula?

The composition of a wax formula determines the consistency the wax will take before being applied. Some waxes combine ingredients that enable even more flexibility and also, consequently, application in really thin layers. Others reach a sticky consistency that may cause mild pain yet that is additionally needed to get hold of the hairs and also get rid of dead cells from the skin. After the wax is spread on a portion of skin, customers expect to obtain all the hairs removed from that area in one single pull, without having to go via the second layer of wax. To ensure this result with very little effort and also little pain on the client’s part, the wax formula can need alterations depending upon the case.

Let’s take a look at the ingredients that are usually integrated into a good wax formula:

  • Beeswax and rosin, are usually the core ingredients in hard body waxes. While beeswax is a well-known ingredient in many popular wax products, other natural alternatives usually take its place when it comes to organic wax formulas.
  • Water.
  • Pine resins.
  • Natural oils. The oils added to a wax formula are chosen concerning their additional skincare benefits, texture, and fragrance.
  • Chemical additives, like colorants, perfumes, and acids to regulate the product’s pH, etc.

There are added ingredients that offer to identify certain wax products within a brand: honey extract, cocoa, olive oil, almond oil, coconut oil, lavender, chamomile, various fruits, and citric acids like lemon extract. A lot of the natural oils used in wax products are enriched with vitamins that protect the skin. Wax products infused with argan oil, for instance, carry enough Vitamin E to moisturize the skin while the wax is being applied. However, azulene oil has an instant relaxing result that’s perfect to calm the skin throughout the treatment. A number of these ingredients infuse wax products with enjoyable fragrances that get rid of the demand of consisting of perfumes. They also maintain the concentration of colorants and other chemical components to a minimum.

Considering that a standard wax session leaves the skin pores open and strips the skin’s outer layer, wax formulas usually involve antioxidant, anti-bacterial, as well as anti-inflammatory components to protect the skin from infections. Almond oil and also tamanu oil are some ingredients that are generally included to include these protective properties to the wax. Polymers as well as jelly extract are also additions that improve the elasticity of the wax while maintaining a texture that’s pleasurable to the touch.

A reliable combination likewise serves to simplify the esthetician’s work. Quality waxes include exact instructions to help achieve the right consistency. By doing this, estheticians understand exactly how much of their time will be needed before the wax can move quickly on the skin. The heating period must not go beyond the 10-minute mark and estheticians can normally obtain attuned to the singularities of each product after the first few applications.

What About Toxic Additives?

A lot of professional waxes have a moderate-to-low concentration of artificial elements to avoid damage in a process that inevitably puts a strain on the skin, regardless of how minor. Made out of a mixture of hydrocarbons, paraffin is favored for having a number of therapeutic properties and is used for several practical and cosmetic purposes. Despite being a usual hair removal formula, paraffin carries a high concentration of petroleum and also other chemicals that result in a stickier texture while enhancing the risks of rashes and inflammation. It can also be extremely unsafe for people with sensitivity troubles.

Other possibly harmful ingredients frequently found in both soft and hard waxes are parabens, oxybenzone, and also particular antioxidants. Some ingredients like vitamin B3 are not specifically harmful yet can still trigger hyperpigmentation as well as other skin problem.

Unlike several popular wax products, the formulas developed at BeauTome are paraffin-free, with all-natural alternatives that make up for the majority of the usual artificial additives. Each of our formulas goes through a number of control inspections throughout its production process, as well as exhaustive tests to ensure their performance on different kinds of skin. We provide a large range of ingredients tailored to improve workability while catering to each client’s personal requirements, despite the amount of hair/skin condition you’re handling.

Among other things, waxes are meant to offer a much less aggressive alternative to depilatory lotions in terms of chemical components. As seen above, the key ingredients that bring all the other components of the formula with each other are typical of natural origins and also one of the factors waxes have the reputation of improving the skin’s texture past hair removal.

When seeking hair removal products, you should constantly have the demands of your customers in mind. BeauTome is always adding even more products to its brochure to help you deal with various hair problems as well as skin problems without fail. Discover all about the best wax formulas by filling out our website’s contact form. Each of our products guarantees instant results that nothing else option can match. And also keep in mind to register for our newsletter so we can bring the most relevant content straight to your inbox.

Looking for the best waxing supplies for your business? BeauTome helps you stock your business with high-quality wax formulas and the most sophisticated wax heaters. We’ve served many retail brands, salons and spas all over the world with the best products to satisfy clients at every turn. We also provide a reliable shipping service and the constant assistance of our reliable hair removal specialists, so feel free to contact us if you have questions. You can send mail to: bd@beautome.com or fill out our website’s contact form to learn more about our products and deals. And be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest news and tips straight to your inbox.

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