What is the best HARD WAX for Sensitive Skin?

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As body waxes are coming to be more and more popular all over the world, more people have begun taking the habit of organizing regular wax appointments to take care of unwanted body hairs. But, customers with normally sensitive skins normally find it is difficult to obtain comfortable with the procedure as a whole. While it’s completely okay to set up a waxing routine for people with sensitive skin, there are some extra actions you need to take to ensure an enjoyable result without taking dangers. With the very best collection of hard body waxes in stock, you can assure an enjoyable experience for all your customers.

Can I Wax the Sensitive Skin?

We have to start by saying that specific parts of the body will certainly always be more sensitive, regardless of the person’s skin type. The face, underarms, and the whole intimate area are very sensitive to pain, so your procedure should get on point to avoid causing too much pain. The face experiences the most from sun direct exposure, the skin on the armpits might be more delicate of the person has actually used deodorants and also other chemicals for several years, and the friction around the intimate area may be harmful for hours after a wax session. If your customer’s skin is currently sensitive and/or susceptible to various skin conditions (acne breakouts, allergic reactions, breakouts), you’ll need to up your game to treat these delicate areas, and your waxing materials ought to depend on the task.

Woman with Sensitive Skin Being Waxing Some important steps to take throughout the wax appointment:

  • Inquire about possible skin conditions, even if you’re taking care of regular customers. The skin may have sustained damage in between sessions or it could have revealed a negative reaction among the products used in previous treatments. The latter is normally a result of poor aftercare, because professional wax formulas are specifically made to increase the recovery procedure while fending off the worst negative effects.
  • If your client has a continuous skin problem, instruct them to seek the assessment of a skin doctor before moving on with the wax treatment.
  • Keep an eye out for outbreaks, breakouts, or inflammation. If the skin is aggravated or cracked before you start waxing, a wax treatment will just worsen the trouble. People with delicate skins can get unexpected outbreaks, in some cases soon before a visit; in such situations, postponing the session is the safest option.
  • You ought to additionally avoid areas that are still healing from injuries like cuts, burns as well as abrasions. It’s never ever secure to apply wax on such injuries, no exceptions.
  • Be careful with the items you use during the post-wax treatment. Some relaxing gels are instilled with scents and also chemicals that would worsen the remaining inflammation on delicate skins to the point of creating severe infections. On top of this, some natural oils can in fact bring some pain to certain types of skins. You can enhance the calming effect of your post-wax lotions using cold compresses to help unwind the skin.

Hard Wax for Sensitive Skin

There are many benefits that make hard waxes the best choice when it concerns dealing with sensitive skin. The major advantage of hard body waxes is their ability to pull out the hairs without adhering to the skin, so people don’t need to take the chance of too much pain/irritation in areas where the skin is currently vulnerable. On top of being effective when used on the face and underarms, specialist hard waxes are likewise a safe option to remove hairs around much less usual areas like the stomach, toes, and the skin around the nipple areas.

Hard waxes are a little bit more difficult to master, so you should get comfortable with the process before trying to utilize them on your client’s skin. They are much more innovative in their composition, incorporating ingredients that are normally harder to find by, so their cost array can be slightly above standard. While all of these factors might recommend much more effort on your part, you should bear in mind that the composition of hard body waxes is what makes them so effective when it comes to treating sensitive skins. With the proper training, you can still make use of hard waxes without making the wax therapy any kind of much less reliable or seamless.

During the Wax: BeauTome wax beads instill their formulas with the most nourishing ingredients as well as the most effective antioxidants to protect delicate skins during a wax treatment. Our wax formulas are improved with the residential properties of natural vitamins, argan oil, cacao, almond oil, as well as Tamanu oil, among others, to leave the skin smooth as well as healthy in all scenarios. Each of our hard body waxes reduces the pain and also enhances workability, so you can work securely and successfully without fear of hurting the most sensitive parts of the body.

After the wax: When it concerns products to make use of during the post-wax treatment, creams infused with aloe vera, shea butter, and/or oat are the way to go. The right collection of post-wax products will certainly accomplish the prompt goal of relaxing the skin while offering numerous nourishing properties that will certainly aid the area heal much more quickly.

For years, BeauTome has revolutionized the hair removal industry with the best formulas and accessories in the market. We provide everything you need to make your esthetic center stand out, and our wax products will make all types of skin smooth and hair-free for weeks on end. Email to bd@beautome.com or fill out our website’s contact form to get all the information you need. And don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest news and tips straight to your inbox.


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