A Guide of Brand Customization of the Hair Removal Wax Warmer

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In our last article, we talked about the brand customization of hard wax. Today we will show you the customization of the wax warmer.

For the wax warmer, we can do customizations on:

  • Logo on the warmer
  • Color of the warmer
  • Power plug of the warmer
  • Packing box of the warmer

OK, let’s check the details step by step.

1. Logo on the warmer.

For the wax warmer BWW1, we can print your brand on the control panel and the warmer body.

wax warmer
wax warmer

For the wax warmer BWW2, we can print your brand content on the warmer body.

wax warmer
wax warmer

The Brand content can be your brand name or logo.

The MOQ is 1008pcs.

2. Color of the warmer.

You can check the market to find out which color is popular, or you can choose the color from your logo.  

The MOQ is 2016pcs.

wax warmer

3. Power plug of the warmer

As it is convient for your customers to use the wax warmer which have the local power plug, we can provide this customization. 

The MOQ is 1008pcs.

4. Packing box of the warmer

You can design the packing box of the wax warmer, you can put your brand name, logo, slogan and any designs you want on the box.

The MOQ is 1008pcs.

Is it clear about the wax warmer customization? If you still have any question, please contact us: bd@beautome.com


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