How to choose the perfect Hard Wax for your Retail Business?

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Although many Hair Removal options have popped up over the years, waxing remains to be one of the best and top choices for men and women who want to get rid of hair.

It’s quick, affordable, and provides lasting results. So people will go to a Beauty Salon to do waxing, or buy a waxing kit to do waxing at home.

But during the global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, most people have to stay at home, they cannot go to the beauty salon to do waxing. So they choose to buy Hair Removal Waxing Kits, doing waxing at home by themselves. The COVID-19 has changed our lifestyle.

This is really a good business opportunity for online retail! Many retailers started to sell hair removal waxing kits online on Amazon or eBay.

For retail (and any business), Product is the key factor, it is more important than Place, Promotion, and Price (4P).

So how exactly can you differentiate your products from competitors?

Aside from the Promotion and Price of your online shop, one of the most important things you should invest in is the Quality of the Wax Warmer and Hard Wax Beans. The quality of hard wax beads can make or break the hair waxing experience.

If you’re confused about which professional wax to stock for your shop, let us show you 6 standards on How to choose the best hard wax for your retail business.

1. Material

As the hard wax will be directly applied to the skin, so the most important thing is: Is the wax safe?

Will it burn my skin? Will it cause an allergy?…

As a leading hard wax manufacturer in China, we know waxing in and out. Our hard wax beans are of a high-quality formula made of natural ingredients.

We have 3 kinds of hard wax: 1. Rosin-Free Hard Wax; 2. Beauty Salon Hard Wax; 3. Consumer Grade Hard Wax.

Rosin-Free Hard Wax unscented, 100% natural formula. Natural oils complex in wax composition cushions wax effect on the skin, creates maximum protection and extra comfort during the procedure.

Beauty Salon Hard Wax Encompass the finest selection of natural and soothing ingredients that nurture the skin, leaving it feeling soft, smooth and completely hair-free.

Consumer Grade Hard Wax with top quality Rosin (a substance from pine tree resins), contains vitamins E and A to enhance their nourishing properties for the skin.

Our ingredients include Colophonium, Paraffin, Bran Oil, Shea Butter, Coconut oil, Vaseline, Rosehip oil. Copolymers are the reason this type of wax is elastic, while our concoction of oils and butter nourish and calm the skin to reduce redness and irritation caused by waxing.

2. Certificates

The certificate is proof of the Product Quality and Production Technology.

With regard to the Hard wax, FDA and MSDS are the certificates of products, and ISO22716, GMP are the certificates of production.

BeauTome has got the FDA and MSDS approved. Our waxes are not just effective, but certified safe for use in hair removal. Our factory is ISO22716 and GMP certified.

This speaks not just on the quality of our products, but the good manufacturing practices that we adhere to when producing our hard wax beans.

3. Adjustable Formula

As the climate is different in different seasons, so the temperature and humidity are totally different, in order to bring the best waxing effect to our customers, we will adjust the formula to make the hard wax in a good performance in different seasons.

We have a biotechnology research team, focusing on formula research and development. We will do a test in our lab to confirm the formula, then put it to production in our factory.

Also, we can follow our customers’ need to adjust the formula in 1-3 days.

R&D ability always leading! Check more info.

4. Consistency of the Hard Body Wax

Once the wax hits these checkmarks of materials and formula, well then, you have landed in a formulation that is consistently serving your business and your customers.

Now you get to start an expertly crafted and trusting relationship with your wax.

And what is most essential when building a trusting relationship?

Consistency. The wax needs to be the same for each season. Every time. You gotta know what’s in your pot. If you’re buying a wax that behaves differently with every batch, that can bring a whole lot of trouble and anxiety.

So it is crucial to work with a company that understands the importance of the role of a wax in a waxing business. A company that understands the trust you are laying upon them when choosing their product and that they cannot take that trust lightly.

5. Drying time

Personal user, they are not so skilled, so the hard wax with drying time between 10s to 20s is a good choice.

If the body wax dries too fast, it is more likely to break upon removal which is not fun, and costly to you, and painful for your client.

If the wax dries too slow, it is probably very flexible, which can also tend to get gummy (especially in areas where the client runs a little bit warmer – did anyone say butt crack?).

Not to mention that if too gummy, even hard wax sticks to the skin, and if you insist on removing the wax before it properly cools and sets, skin lifting and bruising are much more prone to happen.

hard wax

So the sweet spot is somewhere in the middle. And not to overcomplicate things, but the middle can be a wide range.

Ideally, you want a wax that gives you the drying time and flexibility to work confidently, laying several strips and then be able to pick them up without having that mini panic attack that the wax is going to break on you upon removal.

6. Packaging and Colors

For the personal users, they will not buy too much wax at one time, normally 300-500g is hot-sale.

We can provide our customers in 100g, 300g and 500g package. So they can purchase at 4 x 100g in bag best for personal users, and 300g plastic jars for professional stocking.

hard wax beans

Many of our salon customers have already started stocking 100g bags to retail to clients who are wanting to do their own waxing at home.

Speak of the color, ROSIN-Free wax is only in white, as it is a 100% natural formula. And for Consumer Grade Wax, we have Pink, Blue, Green, Purple, Orange and Red.

Ready to choose the right hard body wax for your retail business?

Hard waxes are specifically formulated to have a minimum amount of interaction with the skin, which is why we love it so much! Sticks to the hair and not the skin, a lot less prone to skin lifting or bruising than most soft waxes, minimum pain, and redness, etc.

It sits on top of the skin for a minimal amount of time and then it is removed with hairs and dead skin.

Then follow the above 6 standards, you will find out the right wax for your retail business. If you want to get more advice, contact us:


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