The best Hard Wax Heater you’ll find in the market

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There’s a good number of reasons why waxing remains a popular choice for hair grooming. It’s cheap, it’s effective, it gives you smooth and even skin with no cuts or bruises, it slows down hair regrowth, and when done regularly, it can even decrease hair volume over time.

Whether you enjoy waxing at home or you’re looking to upgrade your professional kit, investing in a nice wax warmer for hair removal can drastically improve the experience.

Not all wax warmers are created equal. While you might find a lot of cheap options in the market, some low-cost hard wax warmers are neither convenient nor safe to use.

At BeauTome Biotechnology, we looked at over 1,000 home appliances and adapted the best technologies to design a safe, convenient, and beautiful hard wax warmer. Here are 8 reasons why our wax warmer is the best you’ll find in the market.

Hard wax warmer

Non-stick Design

Because of cost-cutting, other manufacturers use an iron pot for their wax warmer. This causes the wax to stick to the pot, which results in a lot of wasted product and a difficult clean-up after the wax cools down.

The BWW2 wax warmer for hard wax uses a non-stick pot for easier cleaning. You can also scoop up all of the products so no material is wasted.

hard wax warmer

Fixed and Stable Design

A common complaint that aestheticians have for their current wax warmers according to the reviews we’ve seen is that the moving pot can make it hard to mix and stir the wax beans. The BWW2 wax heater has a fixed and stable design to make wax melting a breeze.

Top Control Panel

Most of the wax warmers you’ll see in the market today have a side control panel. We wanted to optimize the ergonomics of waxing, which led us to redesign the BWW2 wax heater with a top control panel.

No matter where you sit or stand, the top control panel makes our wax warmer easy to control and operate.

Temperature Control

One of the most important things for a smooth waxing session is getting the temperature of the wax at the right level.

Cheaper models simply have an on and off switch, while our wax warmer for hard wax has an adjustable touch panel for low to high temperatures up to 120 degrees celsius. The temperature control chipset of the unit functions to adjust the heat of the warmer accurately.

hard wax warmer

Auto Shut-off Feature

Our warmer has dry burning-resistant protection. When the maximum temperature has been reached for some time, the BWW2 wax warmer will automatically shut off.

We believe that our wax warmer auto shut-off feature is important for safety. If you forget to turn off other wax warmers, they will continue to burn which will not only cause the wax to burn but is also a fire hazard.

Insulation Layer

Another unique safety feature that we’ve included for our wax warmer is an insulation layer. This ensures protection against leakages that other wax warmers don’t carry.

hard wax warmer

100% New Material

Made with 100% new ABS plastic, our wax warmer is able to withstand not just high temperatures, but heavy physical impact as well. ABS plastic is safe, durable, and built to last. And the sophisticated Matte effects make the wax warmer looks very high quality.

hard wax warmer

See-Through Cover

Ever burned yourself from constantly lifting the lid of your wax warmer to see if your beans have melted yet? Us, too! So we redesigned our wax warmer to have a see-through cover for you to be able to easily monitor the melting process.

This also allows for a more sanitary process since you can keep the pot closed and free from contaminants while melting the beans. The lid is also made from heat-resistant plastic so there’s no need to wear insulated gloves.

hard wax warmer

Truly, the Beautome BWW1 and BWW2 wax warmer would make a nice addition to your home spa or even your professional hair waxing salon.

It works for all kinds of wax whether hard or soft, and comes in a beautiful black or white model with a non-slip mat. All purchases of our wax warmer also come with a 1-year warranty.

OEM is available in our wax warmer, including Wax Warmer Color, Logo on the wax warmer, Color box, etc.

hard wax warmer
Wax Warmer Color
hard wax warmer
Color Box & Logo

If you have any interest, please contact us to get more information.


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