BeauTome Manufacturing Production Introduction

BeauTome has a wide range of high-quality wax products to make waxing easy for you. Not only is our wax soft on your skin, but the wax heaters are also made of premium-quality material. We have added rubber pads on the bottom along with a tight wire installation to avoid spillages. You will not observe any scratches on BeauTome wax heaters as we take extra care to keep them neat and clean. We make sure the product reaches you in good shape and functionality. It goes through testing processes before packaging.

All You Need To Know About Wax Heaters

Wax heaters have come around as a blessing for everyone willing to wax at home. You can easily use wax heaters like the BeauTome Innovative Digital Wax Heater to conveniently wax at home. It helps you remove unwanted hair efficiently without excruciating pain or heat patches. You can melt any wax beans in the wax heater at the temperature of your choice and use per need.

The best Hard Wax Heater you’ll find in the market

Modern design with digital display allows you to set optimal temperature for your waxing treatment. The easy to clean Professional Wax Heater is perfect for both hard wax and strip waxes, with our 500ml pot and 400g tins being safe to heat directly in the heater.