A Guide of Customizing Your Brand on Hard Wax

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If you want to build a new brand, or you already have a brand in your retail business, you may want to put your brand name and logo on the hard wax, right?

So here are the steps of how to do your branding in hard wax.

1. Choose the hard wax beans.

hard wax beans

We have 3 kinds of hard wax beans, here are the introductions:

(1) Rosin-Free Hard Wax
Unscented, 100% natural formula. Natural oils complex in wax composition cushions wax effect on the skin, creates maximum protection and extra comfort during the procedure.

(2) Beauty Salon Hard Wax
Encompass the finest selection of natural and soothing ingredients that nurture the skin, leaving it feeling soft, smooth and completely hair-free.

(3) Consumer Grade Hard Wax
With top quality Rosin (a substance from pine tree resins), contains vitamins E and A to enhance their nourishing properties for the skin.

Check more details in How to choose the perfect Hard Wax for your Retail Business?

2. Choose the packing term.

After choosing the hard wax beans, then it is the packing. There are 2 options: (1) Plastic bag; (2) Plastic jar.

hard wax

We have great experiences on both, you can choose the option you prefer.

For Option (1): Plastic bag, we have 100g, 300g and 500g, and it has a MOQ of 10,000pcs.

hard wax beans

For Option (2): Plastic jar, we have 300g and 500g, the MOQ of the jar is 480pcs (500g) and 600pcs (300g), the label has a MOQ of 1,000pcs.

hard wax beans
Recyclable Plastic Jar

3. Design the Bag/Jar label

Then you can start to design the bags/labels, you can put your brand name, logo, slogan, etc. on the designs, we will show you the perfect size of the bags/labels, and we will show you the ingredients of the hard wax beans.

hard wax
Bag Design
hard wax
Jar Label Design

4. Start the production of Bag/Jar label

When the bags/labels’ design is ready, then we will start the production. And for the production time, the bag need 20 days, and the label need 5 days.

5. Pack the beans into the bags/Jars

After the bags/labels are ready, then we will start packing. We will put the beans into the bags/jars.

Then the hard wax with your branding is ready to go!

The heat sealer is available in a variety of different working lengths to fit your packaging needs.

Follow the 5 steps, you will have the hard wax in your own brand, and then we can ship them to your personal warehouse or the Amazon FBA warehouse.

If you still have any question, please contact us: bd@beautome.com


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  1. I’m trying to start my own hard-working software business I’m trying to get more into it. I am looking for glitter waxes as well.

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